4th Monkey Media


About Fourth Monkey Media

Fourth Monkey Media is a fresh and exciting multi-media company based in Nova Scotia Canada. Founded by three of the region’s most senior and experienced talents combining their formidable skills to create the highest quality gaming experience possible. Fourth Monkey’s motto is “play no evil”, and that promise is fortified with knowledge, passion, and experience.

Fourth Monkey’s mission is to produce the highest quality and most rewarding gaming experience possible. We feel the best way to meet this goal is to encourage innovation and creativity within the culture of our staff, and to deliver a uniquely special product to the competitive marketplace. Our staff are a major focus of our energy, as we endeavor to team only with the most innovative and dependable creative thinkers. Artists, programmers, designers and managers with a story to tell, and an unparalleled passion for their work are the springboard to our collective success.

We’ve built our reputation carefully to ensure our brand is seen as a beacon of quality, value, and the promise of a fun, engaging, and ultimately unique experience.

Fourth Monkey Media represents decades of combined experience in film, animation, television, and video game production. The cohesion and fusing of these inter-related art forms allow for the foundation of a company with an extraordinary ability to communicate effectively with artistic vision intertwining and collaborating with technical practicality. Combine this foundation, with the company values of innovation and creative culture, and Fourth Monkey Media is guaranteed to always live up to the high standards and ideals it has set forth. Fourth Monkey Media makes the best games in…


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