October 18, 2013

Nova Scotia Game Developers Association Formed

New association to advocate for videogame development and aiming to foster collaboration within the province’s growing game development community.

11th October 2013.  Halifax, NS.  The Nova Scotia Game Developers Association (NSGDA) formally announced its existence today, as well as the social media channels it has set up to connect and collaborate with the province’s existing game developers, those who want to get into the industry and key stakeholders such as educators and government bodies.

According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), around 350 people are employed in 18 videogame development studios around the province, making it the 4th largest provincial game development industry in Canada.  NSGDA members are committed to the further development of the industry in Nova Scotia, hiring graduates from local Universities and Colleges, and working to promote high standards of relevant education.

Videogames have the power to engage the province’s youth and stimulate them to pursue a creative, knowledge-based academic and professional career right here in the province.” said NSGDA President Kirsten Tomilson. “Over the past few years Nova Scotia has successfully nurtured a videogame development industry, and the NSGDA has been formed from that industry to help take it to the next level and create even more well-paid jobs and meaningful employment for talented Nova Scotia graduates.”

In addition to its advocacy and educational outreach work, the NSGDA will also be organizing events to foster collaboration within the Nova Scotia game developer community.

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